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Color Enhanced Diamonds

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#1- Natural fancy diamonds are expensive and out of the reach of many buyers. Color enhanced diamonds are affordable and allow a lot of people to own a brightly colored diamond. Look into buying one of these color enhanced diamonds if you’d love a bit of color in your life!

#2- Color enhanced diamonds are now also used as the small accent diamonds around a larger colorless diamond. There are many exciting pieces of jewelry available with small blue, yellow, black, or green color enhanced diamonds.

#3- Now that you know about color enhanced diamonds and someone tries to sell you on what they call a natural fancy colored diamond but it is at a super bargain price… you will know that something just doesn’t sound right about the offer. A report from a respected grading lab should accompany all natural Fancy Colored Diamonds that are marketed as natural.

The one possible exception to this would be commonly available natural fancy color diamonds such as yellows and browns. Let the price for a colored diamond be your guide… if they are asking for a lot of money for the diamond, then it must come with a creditable report from a nationally known Gemological laboratory.


#4- Under normal wear the irradiated and HPHT color enhanced diamonds will have no problems of the color being stable. The only consideration will be when you need to have any type of service done on the piece of jewelry.

If this type of color enhanced diamond is exposed to excessive amounts of heat it might affect the color. The jeweler will need to know that the diamond is a color enhanced diamond before any work is done. Having this knowledge, the jeweler will then be able to decide on the best course of action in dealing with a color enhanced diamond.

#5- Ask your local jeweler if they have any Fancy Colored diamonds…. either natural or color enhanced diamonds. It’s always interesting, and fun, to look at something different!


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