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A Marriage Proposal Substitute

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I proposed with a cubic zirconia.  Then, after coming back from our trip, we went through dozens of designs online together before choosing and creating a custom engagement ring together.  Choosing the diamond is an experience in itself and can increase the chances that your bride will love what you have chosen and cherish it forever.

Just because one diamond is bigger than the other doesn’t ALWAYS mean she will choose the bigger one. Also, buying an engagement ring is an emotional experience.  We had a great time going to jewellery stores to try on different settings, talking with diamond brokers and going through the web together.

There will, however, be nothing that can replace the sparkle of a real diamond when you propose. If you are cleverer than I, you may already know her size and have chosen the engagement ring of her dreams.  She may fall in love with the ring you choose, but you will never know because she won’t tell you if she doesn’t love it.

Only you will know if she wants the actual diamond when you propose. Propose engagement with a temporary substitute or a loose diamond when traveling especially if you are afraid of customs or theft.

Diamond Proposal

I recommend that you propose with a real diamond if you know she wants a solitaire and a certain shape of diamond cut (round brilliant, princess or cushion).  If she likes name brands and you can afford to buy a Tiffany or Cartier engagement ring – I don’t think you can really go wrong with a 2 carat, D colour, and VS1 clarity solitaire engagement ring from Tiffany’s.  For engagement proposal ideas without a diamond, read on.

A Temporary Substitute

There are a few different ways to go about getting a substitute ring for the proposal. Buying or borrowing a cubic zirconia is an excellent option if you want to avoid trouble with customs while going and returning from another country.  I also like this option if you are proposing where theft is likely.

I wouldn’t be comfortable leaving my ring in a sock in Mexico.  Some stores may also allow you to buy a diamond ring and then exchange it later. Be wary. If you fail to find a ring that she loves, there will likely be a restocking fee and you will be at their mercy if they have a no refund policy.

Loose Diamond

This is a fairly safe bet as well.  The only unfortunate part would be that there will be no ring to place on her finger.  You do have the option of spending a little money to have the stone placed in a temporary setting first.

Propose – Engagement without a Ring

I have heard that it is possible to propose with a rose or something else.  I have seen a guy propose successfully with an apple on NBC’s show “Minute to Win It.”  He later won $100k, so I am sure she got a spectatular engagement ring proposal afterwards.  He had on his side at the time, a memorable venue and a he took control of the moment which will be captured in television history forever.  The best marriage proposal ideas sometimes come when you least expect it.

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